Three Years in a Row the Winner is in KBS Golf Shafts

BOULDER, Colo. (June 27, 2013) – KBS added another championship victory to its already impressive 2013 season. This week, the winner of the PGA Professional National Championship trusted the KBS Tour shaft in Stiff flex in his irons thru wedges en route to his three shot victory. This professional, along with 90 other professionals at the PNC, trusted the smooth feel, piercing ball flight and tighter accuracy of KBS Golf Shafts.

Just a few days after receiving the 2012 PGA Professional Player of the Year award, this pro won with a total 10-under par 277 score. Last season this professional finished in second place, actually finishing runner up to the winner also in KBS Golf Shafts. In fact, this is the third year in a row with the PGA PNC winner trusting KBS shafts in their irons.

Since introduction in 2008, KBS has always supported and worked in tandem with PGA Professionals nationwide. PGA Professionals are an important part of the game and drive the industry. As a brand, KBS would not be where it is without the terrific support of PGA members. To continue this relationship, KBS has the Education Center. Here, PGA Professionals and club fitters can become a Certified KBS Fitter. Visit to start the process.

Kim Braly, Director or Tour Operations and R&D said, “These PGA Professionals are premiere members of the PGA of America and top golfers across the country. To have 91 players in KBS shafts at the 2013 PGA PNC is a terrific achievement. We congratulate the winner for his great win, and award for 2012 Player of the Year.”